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Searches for ‘cancel Netflix account’ explode 733% as streaming giant announces sharing plan

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘cancel Netflix account’ exploded 733% worldwide on the 2nd of February, after the streaming giant announced their plan to crack down on password sharing.

A new finding by comparison site JohnSlots reveals that online interest in the term 'cancel Netflix account’ has skyrocketed since the announcement, according to Google search data, an unprecedented spike in people wanting to delete their Netflix accounts.

The rise in interest in cancelling Netflix accounts across the globe comes after the streaming giant announced their plans to restrict account and password sharing. Going forward, users will have to log into the local home WiFi network on which the account was set up at least once a month to avoid being blocked, a change that could affect up to 100 million user accounts.

A spokesperson for JohnSlots commented on the findings: “These findings provide an eye-opening insight into the staggering rise in Netflix users looking to cancel their accounts from across the globe. With the recent backlash over Netflix cancelling fan-favourite shows, such as Warrior Nun and 1899, and the frequent rises in subscription costs, this may be the last change that urges users to delete their accounts permanently.

Netflix themselves have already admitted that they expect to lose subscribers from this change, but they might not have anticipated just how bad the fallout might be.”


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