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Over half of the North East feel anxious or nervous about making friends, new research finds


  • New research commissioned by Beavertown Brewery indicates that  nearly half of those living in the North East of England (42%)  have confessed about feeling lonely as a result of having less friends now compared to when they were younger

January 16, 2024: New research commissioned by Beavertown Brewery has shone a light on the challenges adults in the North East of England face in making new friends, revealing that nearly half (44%) would love to make new friendships, but over half (59%) feel either anxious or nervous about it. 

The study, which surveyed 2,000 participants, found that adults typically stop making new friends around the age of 50 to 54, with nearly 1 in 10 (7%) of those in the North East of England not having formed a new friendship since then.

According to the data, nearly half (49%) of people in the North East think it’s harder to make friends or meet new people as you get older, with a third admitting they'd be nervous at the prospect.

The study also found that out of those who feel most lonely in January, 64% put it down to people not wanting to socialise after Christmas, 55% say it’s due to the weather, and 55% blame it on the fact that it’s too dark to go out anywhere. 

According to the survey, more than a third (35%) of all adults in the North East would be unlikely to admit feelings of loneliness to someone else, with over half (51%) believing there is a societal taboo around adult loneliness.

Despite this, nearly half (49%) would take a class to learn a new skill in a bid to make new friendships, while 24% would give meet-up apps a go. 

Tom Rainsford, Marketing Director of Beavertown Brewery, said: “Let’s be honest, January can feel like a month of Mondays, and with people out and about, it can also be a month when feelings of loneliness surface. At Beavertown we’re all about creating moments that bring people together, which is why, with our charity partner CALM - we’ve launched our series of community events in a month where going out and meeting mates might normally feel like a challenge. Why not give it a try - and join us in our shout to crush loneliness this January.” 


Matt Jennings, CMO at Campaign Against Living Miserably said: “Let’s face it, with the festive fun over, getting through January can feel like a mountain to climb. And with millions of people reporting that they feel lonely some or most of the time, finding ways to bring people together couldn’t be more important.


“That’s why we’re excited to team up with Beavertown to help make this notorious month feel less miserable with a series of free climbing events to hopefully spark new friendships and hobbies - and show that we’re not alone.”


This January, Beavertown Brewery and CALM invite everyone to Crush Loneliness together and take a proactive step toward building meaningful connections.

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