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OH. MY. GOD…. 'Friends! - The Musical' is coming to Stockton!

First there was the sitcom, then the reunion and now it’s time for the Musical. Wait…

what??? That’s right, Friends The Musical Parody arrives at Stockton Globe on

Wednesday 25th May and we know it will have you thinking; so, no one told you life was

gonna be this way, nor did they tell you about this hilarious new musical!

Sam spoke to Jonathan Gilland, who plays Gunther, about the show coming to the North East.

Friends The Musical Parody is currently touring the UK and Ireland for the very first time

(well if you discount the very brief run interrupted by covid after only 11 performances). If it’s a concept you find hard to get your head around, you’re not alone, but as the old saying

goes “the proof is in the mince laden trifle” and the 2022 audience reviews speak for


“One of THE best nights out ever - couldn't breathe for laughing - if you're considering going please do - you seriously won't regret it”

“It was amazing, any friends fan would love it”

“Well that was flipping brilliant… You had us in stitches. Everyone was fantastic and we

had an absolutely blast! Thank you so much.“

“Saw this for the second time today… A great family outing. None of us can believe how

great the cast are. Being nagged by daughter to book for a third time - and we probably


Friends The Musical Parody manages to sing and dance its way through the most

memorable moments of 10 seasons in only 90 minutes! A feat in itself, but when you add in

the choreography, catchy songs and the incredibly talented cast, it really is something that

needs to be seen to be believed. It’s no wonder that this show has become a global

success, starting life “off Broadway” before opening and running in Las Vegas. The show is

also currently touring Australia.

With the popularity of Friends showing no sign of waning, whether from the Netflix Deal or

the regularity with which we still find it playing on our tv, Friends The Musical Parody,

seems to lovingly embrace both “old” friends fanatics and the new generation tuning in.

Surprisingly the sitcom and now the musical has proven to be a hit with Tween audiences,

creating a fantastic bonding experience for parents and kids with a mutual love of the show.

There’s only really one thing left to say, in the words of Joey Tribbiani ... “How you doin…?’”.

Friends! The Musical Parody

Stockton Globe

Wed 25th May 2022

Tickets from £30.75 (subject to a transaction fee of £3.65)


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