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Oceans and Mediaworks Collaborate to Clean Up One of the UK’s Most Polluted Beaches

Making waves once again, sustainable toilet paper company, Oceans collaborates with Mediaworks to take part in The Great British Beach Clean – replacing the porcelain throne for sandcastles for the day as they clean up one of the most polluted beaches in the UK.

On 19th September 2023, Oceans headed to Cullercoats Bay in Tynemouth to clean up litter from the coast. This is in an attempt to clean up some of the worst coastal areas in the UK. As proud supporters of the Marine Conservation Society, Oceans wanted to get involved with the campaign to help improve our coastal areas. By joining the beach clean, they were able to make a real difference to the Tyneside area and take a step in the right direction to protecting our oceans.

2023 is a special year for the Great British Beach Clean, as it marks the 30th year that thousands get together to take part in beach cleans and litter surveys across the UK. With over 100 beach cleans already organised, Oceans is proud to contribute to the growing number of volunteers.

Jordan Kelly, brand marketing manager at Oceans says: “This is a campaign close to Oceans’ heart. Partnering with Mediaworks, we were able to thoroughly comb over the Cullercoats Bay area for litter. This beach clean is one of many taking part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean this year.

“It is our aim to help protect our oceans and ,making sure the rubbish left on beaches is cleared is one step in ensuring the safety of marine life, both near the coast and deeper into the oceans. It is astonishing what you can find hidden in the sand of your local beach.

“For many, a dropped sock or smouldering disposable BBQ is easy to forget on the beach. But the effects this can have on the environment, and marine life, are detrimental. No one wants to visit the beach and find litter, let alone our aquatic life. Making sure you’re properly disposing of rubbish, and taking all items with you, can help maintain a cleaner environment for all.”

The beach clean was a success with over 300 items collected across the team. And with an interesting inventory, the team managed to pull everything from a nappy to Biros from the sand. The team found that cigarette butts were the number one piece of litter collected – with 145 collected altogether.

This comes as a next step from Oceans’ The Polluted Mermaid campaign back in May 2023. This campaign, aligned with the Sky Ad Smart campaign message “Nature’s had enough”, was a stunt to encourage the public to consider the impact of their household items on marine life.

Oceans are providers of sustainable toilet paper, kitchen roll, and other household products. With a range of environmentally conscious products, all crafted to power your daily chores whilst safeguarding our precious marine eco-system.

Jordan added: “At Oceans, we’ve made it our mission to create eco-friendly household items so that our own products don’t land themselves on our beaches in this way. As proud supporters of the Marine Conservation Society, we knew that we wanted to dive in and join the initiative for a second year running!”

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