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Breaking News: Wanted man in chemical attack from Newcastle

A man, Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, 35, wanted in relation to a chemical attack, is from Newcastle.

The attack happened near Clapham Common in South London yesterday evening (January 31st). One woman and two children were injured in the attack. Police say the attack was "targeted".

A live manhunt is now underway. He was last seen on Caledonian Road in North London.

Police have said Ezedi has sever injuries to the right side of his face. Police have asked anyone who sees Ezedi to not approach. If you see Ezedi you should call 999 immediately. A specialist number for the case is 0207 175 2784 which you should call if you have any information.

Police suspect that he may be trying to return to the North East. Police also say he was also known to his victims.

Updates will appear as they become available. Last Update 01/02/2024 15:09


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