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Major recycling campaign launched across County Durham

County Durham residents are being given a helpful reminder of what to put in their rubbish and recycling bins.

Durham County Council is placing stickers on all household rubbish and recycling bins to reduce contamination of recycling.

The council has seen a significant increase in the amount of waste and recycling produced

since the pandemic, in line with other authorities across the country. Unfortunately, this

has also resulted in contamination levels rising in recent years, which has a significant cost

implication for the authority.

Cllr Mark Wilkes, Cabinet member for neighbourhoods and climate change, said: “It’s

really important that we all follow the guidelines around what to put in each bin. When the

wrong items are put in the wrong bin, this is classed as contamination and the recycling

can be rejected.

“We all recycle with the best intentions but by just taking a moment to review what goes

where, we can make a huge difference. It will not only help to reduce contamination but

help us to recycle, reuse or compost more of your waste. That’s why we are encouraging

everyone to do their bit to support us in this campaign.

“Please play your part in protecting our environment and tackling climate change. Please

also help us to become one of the best areas for recycling in the country.”

Items which are commonly found inside the blue-lidded recycling bins but cannot be

accepted on the kerbside scheme include:

 Food waste

 Black bags, plastic bags and ready meal film

 Polystyrene

 Pizza boxes

 Nappies and pet waste

 Bedding and textiles, which should be taken to a charity or household waste

recycling centre where possible.

 Electrical items and batteries, which can cause fires in refuse vehicles and must be

taken to a dedicated battery recycling point

Details about the council’s small electrical and battery recycling points can be found at

For more information about what goes where, visit


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