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Lanes & Co Launches in Newcastle

Distinguished and internationally renowned luxury jewellery, antique and auction specialists, Lanes & Co have set up a gem of a base in Newcastle city centre. A prominent player in the industry, Founder and Managing Director Casey Lane is at the helm of the prestigious operation.

With an established international client base and presence in Hatton Garden, London, the heart of the jewellery and diamond merchant industry, the team have established a reputable stake in the lucrative market. Casey and the team bring their exceptional and specialist knowledge to the heart of Newcastle with the new opening on Shakespeare Street.

Elegant. Experienced. Exquisite. From Rolex to Lladró to Fine Jewellery, Lanes & Co offer different outlets to buy and sell high-end luxury goods including their easy-to-use website and social platforms as well as specialist auctions. With a reputation for a bespoke service guaranteed, the approachable and specialist team will also offer valuations for both professional and personal use.

Casey Lane, Founder and Managing Director at Lanes & Co said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to introduce Lanes & Co to the North East bringing elements I have picked up throughout my work in regions including Hatton Garden, London.

The response from the North East B2B community in particular has been amazing. Building relationships is a key ethos at Lanes & Co and we are really looking forward to further developing our network and working on a host of exciting collaborations across the region.”

Casey, who is also Business Manager and Head of Sales at Swan & Co, which sits under their portfolio and is an outlet for creating bespoke jewellery and sourcing goods from luxury designer pieces to luxury watches, has injected a huge amount of passion, enthusiasm and innovation into the new business. Casey brings her expertise and a specialist team, who provide valuations for various purposes and can be carried out on large collections down to a single item.

The specialist team have a track record in attracting stunning items from across the globe and across a range of categories.

Casey added:

“When the lockdown hit, we needed to refocus and redefine avenues to still keep the businesses operating under the restrictions. The switch to online auctions was a game changer for business and elevated our reach globally.

We now work across the international sphere and on an array of exciting commissions and are currently in liaison with clients in Dubai and trying to capture the new exciting markets across there.”

The prestigious operation guarantees a bespoke, effortless and confidential service. The main priority at Lanes & Co is their clients and building a community that brings people with a love for luxury goods together with their exceptional expertise.

Casey said:

“The majority of the time we will see the team support and work with clients at immensely sensitive and pivotal points in their lives this can be during a bereavement or divorce. It is our ethos to work with absolute sensitivity and confidentiality and to build a mutually trusting relationship with clients, this is something we inject throughout the whole business.

My goal is to provide each and every client with an array of options when buying and selling luxury goods to ensure they choose the right one for them. Alongside our day-to-day services our ethos is to build a community that clients can enjoy.”


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