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Human remains found in Durham Market Place

Electricity workers, who were called out to repair underground cabling, have had to halt their work after human remains were discovered in Durham market place.

Northern Powergrid staff were forced to stop working after the bones were discovered on Monday afternoon.

The power outage has affected around five business, including the town hall, which has resulted in a number of shows on the Durham Fringe Festival being cancelled.

Durham police have said that evidence suggests the bones are historical. A spokesperson said "We were informed yesterday evening of the discovery of what appeared to be human remains in the Market Place, Durham."

“Several fragments of bone, including a section of jawbone, were found by power workers excavating a site close to St Nicholas’ Church."

“Excavation was halted while the fragments were removed for forensic examination.

"Officers are now satisfied that the remains are human, but have also established evidence to indicate they are historic."

Power is now restored, businesses open, and all scheduled shows on the Durham Fringe will go ahead.


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