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Durham OnAir celebrates Local Radio Day 2022

Durham OnAir is celebrating Local Radio Day on October 21st 2022. Durham OnAir is taking part for the second time, whilst the 2022 event is the 7th year the day has taken place.

The theme this year is ‘Celebrating the Sound’ to showcase the best of local radio and the efforts made by the industry to engage listeners and strengthen the communities it serves.

Durham OnAir is joining other stations from around the UK to "Celebrate The Sound" of their local area and celebrate the importance of local radio within our local communities.

Take a listen to highlights from local voices on Durham OnAir:

Last year over 250 radio stations took part, and this year the scheme is being supported by The Community Media Association, The Radio Academy, Local Radio Support and RadioToday.

Sam Lupton, Durham OnAir manager and host of 'Durham Today' said:

"Durham OnAir is really proud to once again be taking part in Local Radio Day. Local radio plays a really important role in the community, and Durham has long been under served as a county. That is why we exist. To give the people of Durham a voice. To give the businesses of Durham a platform. To bring entertainment to all County Durham residents, to be a colleague, a shoulder to cry on and a friend. We love creating 24 hours of radio every single day for the people of County Durham, and we look forward to celebrating this on local radio day."

Sound Vision CEO and Chair of the Community Media Association Dom Chambers said: “This year we are delighted to announce we are collaborating with the Local Media Network, led by John Dash. This partnership brings together the experience of our teams and links into community, commercial and BBC networks.

“As part of my radio tours, I’ve visited over 110 stations and counting, I get to see the full value to society and community life up and down the country. We need to be drawing attention to this, and Local Radio Day 2022 provides the perfect opportunity to showcase the power of local radio and what it means to the people.

The industry is fast evolving, with the welcome return of small-scale commercial radio through the rollout of new DAB services and significant changes at the BBC, which is the longest serving sector of local radio in the UK. It is also inspiring to see community stations across the UK building their capacity to deliver quality radio, whilst delivering extensive value and enriching community life. This is a truly exciting time for local radio.”

John Dash said “This year we are doing something a little different and we want as many local stations to join in as possible.

“We are celebrating the true foundation of local radio – your fabulous work! All year you lovingly create amazing content, and we want to showcase that work on our pop-up station ‘Sound Radio UK’ for anyone who wishes to hear the best of local radio.”

Durham OnAir is also taking part in the pop-up station 'Sound Radio UK'. You can hear the 5 minute Durham OnAir montage by playing the video above.


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