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Durham-made Ken Loach movie is predicted a winner at Cannes Film Festival

A brand-new study released by Japan-101 reveals the top 20 films predicted to win the Palme d'Or award at this year's 76th annual Cannes Film Festival. A County Durham-made drama which is all set for its premiere at Cannes Film Festival is being tipped for the top award.

Using IMDb data, the Japan-101 team have indexed all titles nominated for the award at this year's Cannes Film Festival, in comparison to all the previous award winners.

Rankings are based on five metrics; director’s previous wins, previous star cast wins, location, run time and genre. Each metric was equally weighted to predict the winner of the Palme d'Or.

Ranking at number one is the 2023 Ken Loach drama, The Old Oak, achieving a score of 53.65 out of 100.

Written by Paul Laverty, the Old Oak tells the story of a pub landlord in a previously thriving mining community who struggles to hold onto his pub, whilst tensions rise in the town when Syrian refugees are placed in the empty houses in the community.

Based on a formula from previous Palme d'Or award winners, The Old Oak is most likely to bring home the prize, with director Ken Loach and star members of the cast previously bringing home the prestigious award.

This is also the last film for Loach, one of Britain’s most prolific and most political of directors.

A spokesperson at Japan-101 commented on the study findings:

“There are some big names in the top ten, including Ken Loach who has said he will likely be concluding his career with The Old Oak. "The OId Oak, which was shot in the County-Durham region last year, will be in the festival spotlight this weekend, officially making its debut. Our findings predict this film could take away the Palme d'Or Award.

“Cannes Film Festival is an 11-day celebration of films recognizing brilliant titles from the promising Class of 2023.

“As we look forward to world premieres, the Cannes Film Festival has everything a movie and pop-culture fanatic could ask for, from a wide range of films, eye-catching fashion, and of course big movie star talent.”


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