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Durham is the MOST ROMANTIC City in the UK

Durham has been revealed to be the most romantic city in Britain, according to a new study conducted by wellness specialists at UK Saunas.

The study uses a combination of ‘romance metrics’ to work out which UK towns and cities are the best for couples. These include the number of local restaurants where Google reviews mention the word ‘romantic’ (per capita); the number of hotels listed as ‘romantic’ and ‘for couples’ on TripAdvisor (out of total listings); and the number of Instagram posts where the #proposal is used in each location. To create the final ranking, researchers implemented a scoring system for each metric and ranked the locations accordingly.

Coming in first overall, and with the highest percentage of romantic restaurants and hotels- outranked other highly-preserved UK cities, including York (2nd), Lancaster (3rd), Oxford (4th), and Edinburgh (6th).

Top 20 Most Romantic Places in the UK & Their Scores

Durham 1032

York 983

Lancaster 964

Oxford 915

Newcastle-upon-Tyne 796

Edinburgh 767

Nottingham 738

Belfast 709

Portsmouth 7010

Bournemouth 6911

Dundee 6712

Swansea 6713

London 6614

Derby 6215

Exeter 6216

Aberdeen 5917

Southampton 5918

Doncaster 5719

Plymouth 5720

Cardiff 55


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