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Dobbies’ Birtley store announces King Street Primary School as its local Helping Your Community Grow

Dobbies’ Birtley store has announced its local Helping Your Community Grow winner, seeing King Street Primary School receive gardening products, advice, and support to enhance their outside space.

King Street Primary School in County Durham are looking to enhance the outdoor learning experiences for children who may not have the opportunity to explore this at home and help to improve mental wellbeing.

Dobbies will provide the group with gardening equipment and seeds, alongside support and advice from its horticultural experts to help bring this project to life.

Dobbies’ own-brand peat-free multipurpose compost, recycled and recyclable containers, UK-sourced plants and safer pest control products are among the many products the garden centre will donate to its winner.

Teresa Corderoy, General Manager at Dobbies’ Birtley store said: “We are delighted to be supporting King Street Primary School this year and look forward to seeing the children’s gardening project come to life with our support.

“We’ve been truly overwhelmed with the response to our campaign in Birtley! The team and I would like to thank all the worthy causes that got involved in the application process and our customers who helped us crown our Helping Your Community Grow winner by voting.”

Mr Colling, Year 6 Teacher from King Street Primary School said: “We are thrilled to have been crowned the local Helping Your Community Grow winner for Birtley and would like to thank those members of the public who voted for us.

“We can’t wait to get this project off the ground, and with Dobbies’ support, we’re excited to see the children get stuck in and ignite a passion for gardening.”

In addition to the local win, Nest Nurseries Garden Project located in Keston has been crowned the national winner for the initiative and will receive additional funding and support to help their garden project thrive. This will include advice, gardening products and plants to help young children explore the outdoors, learn about nature, improve their physical development and better understand the world around them.

For more information on Dobbies’ Helping Your Community Grow campaign, visit Helping Your Community Grow | Dobbies Garden Centres


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