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50 Min delays at Durham after police allegedly called over £65

There were severe delays on the East Coast main line this evening as trains were delayed between Edinburgh and Newcastle, and then once again at Durham. 

The first delay took place during the mid afternoon, after a train “struck an object” on the line between Edinburgh and Newcastle. 

Some southbound services were running as late as 2 hours from Durham station.

Once service resumed, at approximately 17:30  there were further delays at Durham due to a police response. 

Platform announcement reported delays due to a "passenger disturbance" as a Trans Pennine Express service remained stationary at Durham Station on Platform 1.

According to one passenger on Durham platform, who did not wish to be identified, the altercation taking place was around a refusal to pay for an upgrade, on the already delayed Trans Pennine Express service to Liverpool Lime Street. 

A passenger allegedly refused to pay a £65 upgrade fee to first class, when no other seats were available, although this is unconfirmed. The guard of the train was, allegedly, insistent on the fare being paid and held the already delayed train at Durham station, resulting in all trains stopping at Durham to be delayed for a further 19 minutes. The train finally left for Liverpool Lime Street after British Transport Police agreed to meet the train at Darlington station. 

According to one person, who also did not wish to be identified, each minute of a delay allegedly costs a train company close to £1000.

A 18:42 LNER service finally left for London Kings Cross shortly after 19:33. Delays continue to affect the majority of the Southbound Trainline. 

Police services met the delayed Trans Pennine Express service at Darlington to deal with the incident.

Trans Pennine Express Trains have been approached for comment. 


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