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10 Eurovision inspired cocktails to serve up at your party

The Eurovision final is nearly here, and we’ll soon find out which country will be crowned as the 2023 winner – in the meantime, many Brits will be celebrating the competition and even throwing parties in the hopes that Mae Muller will win the title.

However, a Eurovision party is not complete without some international cocktails to represent the qualifying countries.

Event Management Company MGN events have gathered together 10 cocktails originating in the countries that have qualified for the Eurovision final to ensure your party is one to remember.

Passion Star Martini

An essential cocktail for your Eurovision party is the passion star martini – otherwise known by something slightly more explicit - which originated here in the UK, London to be precise. Create this yourself by filling a cocktail shaker with 45ml vodka, 30ml passionfruit puree, and 15ml vanilla sugar syrup and shaking and straining into a glass. Don’t forget to add half of a passionfruit on the top, as well as a shot glass of champagne on the side. 

Skhug Margarita

Taking a twist on the classic margarita from Mexico is the Israeli skhug margarita. First, prepare some cardamom simple syrup by boiling ½ cup of sugar and ½ cup of water, then adding 5 cardamom pods. Once boiled, let it cool and place in a jar. Next, add 45ml tequila, 22ml lime juice, cardamom syrup, a sliced jalapeno pepper, and some cilantro into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass – you can also add a hint of pomegranate juice for an extra touch of flavour. 


Aperol Spritz

Another classic to serve up is the Aperol spritz from Northern Italy. In a wine glass, add a couple of ice cubes and pour in 50ml Aperol, 75ml prosecco, and just 25ml soda – finish it off by adding an orange slice for a decorative touch. 

Tinto de Verano

Translating to “summer red wine”, Tinto de Verano is a classic Spanish concoction. In a large pitcher, pour in 750ml fruity red wine along with 750ml lemon-flavoured soda. Add slices of a lemon and an orange, 200ml sweet vermouth, and stir to allow all of the flavours to mix well. Instead of adding ice to the pitcher, which will cause the drink to water down and lose flavour, simply serve over a glass with ice.

Finnish Long Drink

To make the Finnish long drink, otherwise known as Lonkero, start by adding 60ml gin, 15ml lemon juice, and 15ml cranberry juice to a highball glass filled with ice. Stir the liquids together, add 120ml grapefruit soda, and finish off by adding a grapefruit wedge to your glass.

Swedish Glogg

The Swedish glogg cocktail is typically served in winter, but it’s a must have for your Eurovision party to truly get into the spirit. Peel the zest of an orange, making sure to remove pith, and place into a large pan with a bottle of red wine and 200g of caster sugar. Add in 10 cardomom pods, five cloves, a cinnamon stick, three slices of peeled ginger, 40g raisins and finally 50g flaked almonds. Let the mixture warm for around 10-15 minutes but avoid letting it boil; finally, add in 150ml vodka and serve up.

Kir Royale

The kir royale is arguable France’s most famous cocktail, and it’s very simple to make. Pour a tablespoon of crème de cassis into a champagne flute, top with champagne, and add a frozen raspberry on top to complete the drink.

Bourbon Radler

Hailing from Germany, the Bourbon randler is possibly the closest beverage to a British shandy. Add 180ml of your favourite beer to a glass along with 180ml lemonade. Stir in 30ml Bourbon whisky and add some ice and lemon wedges to complete your German cocktail.


The cocktail nikita originates from the Portugese island Madeira, and it will go down a treat for those who enjoy a sweet cocktail. Add 300ml fresh cubed pineapple to a blender, along with 180ml vanilla ice cream, 120ml lager and 120ml white wine. Once smooth, pour the mixture into a glass with ice – for an even sweeter taste, add a shot of white rum.


Dating way back to the 1800s, karsk is a classic Norwegian cocktail. The traditional way to make this drink is by placing a clean penny at the bottom of a mug or glass and pouring hot coffee over it until you can no longer see the penny. Afterwards, you’ll need to pour either vodka or moonshine into the glass or mug until the penny is visible again; measurements may vary, but you can always add some sugar to sweeten it up.

Creative Director, Matthew Strange from MGN events has commented: “Whatever the occasion, cocktails are a sophisticated touch when entertaining guests – but in the case of Eurovision, it’s much more exciting for the host to go the extra mile and add in a twist.”

“By serving these 10 cocktails, you can please guests with a classic drink like a Pornstar martini that everybody knows and loves while adding some fun with an exciting cocktail like Portugal’s nikita. Not to mention, with the cocktails hailing from many different countries, it’s the perfect way to celebrate Eurovision.”

This information was provided by, one of the UK’s leading luxury private party and corporate events management companies.


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