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Syndicated Programmes

Durham OnAir creates all of it's programming in house, and now, some of those programmes are available for Syndication for radio stations around the UK and the world. 

Take a look at our current offering below and feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Programmes are offered live and pre-recorded and come with a personalised station specific promo. Programmes are offered "clean" without Durham OnAir imaging. 


E-mail us to discuss syndicated programming

Alex Sweeney's Soul Cellar - 2 Hours - Weekly

Alex Sweeney is a familiar voice on UK Radio, with a vast experience of music and talk programming.

Alex's radio credits include BBC Radio Scotland and Radio Tay.  


Alex remembers the good old days of cueing up an actual vinyl record to play out of the radio! The technology may have developed, but Alex's passion for the music remains as strong as ever. Alex has done everything from radio DJ to managing leading London nightclubs! A friendly and reassuring voice, He can now be found on The Soul Cellar on Durham OnAir every week.

Alex is a Soul and Motown expert, and we believe the Soul Cellar is the BEST soul music programme in the UK

This specialist programme is a ratings winner, and will quickly fit into your schedule to offer an entertaining and informative couple of hours alongside your regular programming. 

Take a listen to a full edition of The Soul Cellar

*Features Durham OnAir imaging and advertising. The Soul Cellar begins approx 1 minute 23 seconds into this recording. 

More programmes will be available for Syndication in 2022. 

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