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North East Snubbed in UK's Happiest Dog Competition

The North East has been snubbed in the UK's happiest dog competition, with the winner and both runners up hailing from South East England.

Dogs are a source of constant happiness for owners – and this happiness goes both ways! To celebrate the precious relationship between humans and their furry friends, Trusted Housesitters launched a competition across the UK to find the official Happiest Hound, inviting owners and pet sitters to submit their most adorable, happiest pooch pics.

An influx of entries and countless tail wags later, the hilarious winner and runners-up are decided.

Here's the UK's happiest hounds;

Winner: Paris, 12, Labrador

Image: Instagram @keeperkara

The official top dog in the Happiest Hound competition is Paris from North Oxfordshire – who, as you can see, is clearly living life on cloud nine! Paris is a happy older lady whose owner, Kara, says, "Retirement definitely suits her – she doesn't look her age at all!" Paris melted the judges' hearts due to her young-at-heart energy and infectious grin. Congratulations to Paris and her pawsome owner for taking home the crown and showing us what true canine happiness looks like!

Runner Up: Missy, Rescue/terrier mix

Image: Instagram @mrsdespacerosa

A big round of applause for the first runner-up for Happiest Hound, Missy! From Chelsfield Village, Kent, Missy is a big fan of sun, sea and sand. Her owner, Gemma, confirms, "She's always happiest when at the beach!" Although she didn't fetch home the top prize this time, Missy's beachy-keen attitude and lust for life won her a close second place.

Runner Up: Swervy, Springer spaniel

Image: Instagram @xdcuk

The second runner-up for Happiest Hound is adorable pup, Swervy, who showed the judges what fur-real joy looks like! Swervy is from Penn, Buckinghamshire and was entered by his regular sitters from Bristol, who explain, "Swervy has his best friend over for playtime once a week. Both sleep well after a day of chasing, barking, play fighting and swimming." Congratulations, Swervy – your canine charisma is an inspiration!

The winners of the UK's Happiest Hound competition won prizes including a doggy caricature drawing and a year of free membership with Trusted Housesitters – a pet-sitting platform that connects pet lovers and pet parents. Sitters can discover unique homestays around the world in exchange for caring for adorable pets. To learn more about how Trusted Housesitters’ works, please visit


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