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North East comedian Stephanie Aird opens up about 10 years of fame

This year, Teesside comedian Stephanie Aird is celebrating her 10th anniversary of becoming an internet sensation. 

Aird, who lives in Hartlepool, is well known for making comedy videos about losing weight, coffee shops, her neighbours and so much more. 

Her videos have been viewing over 80 million times and she has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers around the world.   

Discussing some of her highlights over the decade, Stephanie, says, 

“One of my many highlights is definitely selling out tickets of up-to 350, bloody brilliant, I love it. Also Opening my own cafe-bar of which I’m now opening and enjoying more regularly now after covid.”

Aird has appeared on various television shows, including Judge Rinder on ITV, Take A Hike around Northumberland on BBC Two and ‘The Sunshine Scammer’ also for the BBC. 

“I loved Judge Rinder with the Nikes (The Two Nikkis), who appeared on the episode with her) because we had a right laugh on the trip. I met some wonderful people and visited some beautiful places on Take a Hike. And I loved acting on the documentary ‘The Sunshine Scammer’ on BBC iPlayer. I got my teeth right into it even though it was a tiny part.”

Aird has sold out gigs across the UK, from the North East, headlining Cumbria Pride, to performing at Vamos Festival in Perth, Scotland.  

“The biggest shock and buzz I ever got was how full the Urmston venue was that I performed at and what an amazing crowd. To be honest though, I have been fortunate enough to always have a warm, welcoming and wonderful crowd (well 99% of the time). Widnes was the friendliest place I’ve ever been and soooo many people recognised me and spoke to me, It was marvellous.” 

Although Stephanie, who has over 650,000 social media followers, has had to deal with trolling and online hate on the platforms. 

“To overcome the hate, I use to use their hateful rubbish as memes in my shows. Totally taking the p*ss out of them.” 

Stephanie also has advice for creators and those currently facing online hate for doing what they love.  

“Take their words and use for comic or lyrical effect, don’t take their words to your heart.  Failing that tell them to go f*ck off and knit a 50 foot scarf (that should keep them out of trouble) x” 

So, what is next for her? 

“I’m happy and excited to continue what I’ve been doing. I REALLY WOULD LOVE to be involved in festivals as a singer as well as a comedian - hell yeah”. 

“I still have lots I’d like to tick off of my bucket list, at a huge venue (1000s) I’d love to headline my own show and or be a support act for a big name comedian or band/singer.” 

“I’d love to do more collaborations with comedians and separately with singers or bands. I also have my own jewellery and pottery business ‘Phannie Potter’, which can be viewed at”. 

This year Stephanie will continue to tour around the UK, with dates already booked for Blackpool, Blackburn, Leeds and Carlisle with shows also at her Cafe-Bar on Church Street, Hartlepool. More dates to be announced.

Tickets are available via WeGotTickets and TicketSource.


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