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GOAL!... Oh man! How to remove the smell of beer from your carpet!

As the FIFA World Cup tournament kicks off in Qatar, England fans will be eager to see their team score as many goals as possible. In more and more viral videos of England fans celebrating goals, drinks are thrown in the air, but this can lead to some sticky and not-so-nice smelling carpet stains! Luckily, carpet cleaning Stan Tomov from Fantastic Cleaners is on hand to reveal the tips to getting all those World Cup related stains out of your carpet, including the £1.50 cleaning hack that will make the beer smell disappear.

How do I get the beer smell out of the carpet?

Spilling your drink during a celebration can lead to visible stains on your carpet and a lingering smell of beer – or any alcohol for that matter – in the carpet fibres. However, there is one simple product that only costs £1.50 and is a food cupboard staple, that can eradicate all unpleasant odours from stains – white vinegar. Simply pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it onto your carpet. Even though the vinegar smell may be strong, it will disappear and absorb the smell of any spilled alcohol. Allow time for the vinegar to dry and then repeat the process if the smell hasn’t quite cleared up until it’s completely gone!

How do I clear any smashed glass from my carpet?

If you’ve smashed a glass after accidentally knocked it over whilst celebrating a goal then don’t worry, all you need is a vacuum cleaner to quickly fix the problem and get back to your World Cup viewing! Put on some plastic gloves to protect your hands and gather all the large pieces of glass, before hoovering across the area. If you’re worried about damaging your vacuum cleaner, there is an unusual but efficient way of collecting smaller shards of glass – grab some bread or a potato! Pressing a piece of bread or potato into the carpet will collect up and stray shards without risking damage to your appliance!

What’s the best way to get food out of a carpet?

Snacks are essential for World Cup viewing, with nuts, chips and crisps all being staples of our World Cup diet but what happens when food falls onto the carpet? Firstly, pick up any excess food. Then, all you need to do is create a simple solution of warm water and bicarbonate of soda and pour it directly onto the food stain. Leave it for about twenty minutes and rinse the area with a damp cloth. Use a vacuum cleaner to hoover up any smaller bits of food as a final step to make sure the patch is completely clear.


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