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Durham OnAir Launches on Freeview Channel 277

Durham OnAir, the local radio station for County Durham, has launched on a new free to air Digital TV Radio channel.

UK Radio Portal launches nationally on Wednesday 21st September, available on Freeview Channel 277.

The interactive channel will give viewers easy access to a host of new and existing radio stations through their compatible Freeview television.

Durham OnAir will launch in the Tyne Tees region, opening the station up to a huge new potential audience.

Managing Director of Durham OnAir Sam Lupton said;

"Durham OnAir is thrilled to be joining UKRP. We are a truly local radio station, determined to bring local content to a local audience. People want to support their local businesses, people want to promote their own community events and hear what’s happening in their immediate area."

"They want to engage with their community and hear from local personalities. They deserve to receive a service that is just as enjoyable, filled with great music and with content as high quality and entertaining as the national offerings. We’re thrilled UKRP is launching in the UK, to bring smaller stations like ours to a wider audience, and increasing the accessibility of local radio in the North East. “

Listeners will be able to enjoy programs from North East Radio personalities like Sue Sweeney directly through their TV. Durham OnAir will broadcast their full schedule, 24/7 through the service. Listeners will be able to enjoy the daily breakfast show and drive time show, as well as genre specific shows like "The Soul Cellar" and "Hot & Cool, The Jazz and Blues Hour".

A spokesperson from UK Radio Portal said;

"UK Radio Portal is a groundbreaking and innovative new interactive TV service designed to bring an extensive variety of Internet delivered radio channels to the UK Digital Terrestrial TV Freeview network via an easy-to-use interface accessible from the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide.

"The service works on compatible Internet connected Smart TV’s, (such as Freeview Play), allowing consumers to access a wide variety of local, regional, national and international radio services without without forcing them to leave the familiar surroundings of their main TV screen and Freeview menu."

To access UK Radio Portal, you will need to ensure you have a compatible Freeview TV or set top box. You will also need to make sure your Freeview device is connected to the internet which has a minimum download speed of 2Mbps.

UK Radio Portal launches on Freeview on Wednesday 21st September. For more information visit

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