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Darlington is the 3rd luckiest place to live in the UK

New research that analysed over 43,000 postcode lottery winners from 2011 – 2023 has found that Lancaster is the luckiest place to live in the UK.

Research by WDW Bingo analysed the daily postcode lottery winners from the past 12 years calculating the number of wins in every area. The research then worked out how many wins per 100,000 of the population to give the UKs luckiest areas.


1 – Lancaster: 103.04 wins per 100,000 residents

Lancaster, a city in northwest England, is the luckiest place to live in the UK. The LA postcode has had 342 wins since 2011, which when divided by the number of residents that live there, is equal to 103.04 wins for every 100,000 people.

2 – Shrewsbury: 101.54 wins per 100,000 residents

Shrewsbury is the second luckiest place to live in the UK. With 350,587 usual residents, the SY postcode has been pulled 356 times in the lottery which when adjusted to the population is 101.54 wins for every 100,000 residents.

3 – Darlington: 96.71 wins per 100,000 residents

Darlington, a town located in County Durham, is the third luckiest place in the UK. There have been 352 wins with the DL postcode, which equates to 96.71 wins per 100,000 residents.

4 – Llandudno: 96.24 wins per 100,000 residents

Llandudno is a coastal town in North Wales, as well as having the longest pier in Wales it’s also the luckiest place in Wales. Although its fourth across the rest of the UK. With 514 wins since 2011, there have been more wins than the top 3, however, due to the larger population this equates to 96.24 wins for every 100,000 residents.

5 – Exeter: 94.18 wins per 100,000 residents

Exeter, a city that dates back to the Roman era in the county of Devon is the fifth luckiest place in the UK. The EX postcode has been drawn 565 times since the start of the lottery and with a population of 599,921 that would mean 94.18 wins per 100,000 residents.

6 – Swansea: 91.89 wins per 100,000 residents

Swansea is the second Welsh location in this list, this time in South Wales. The SA postcode has been drawn in the postcode lottery 676 times and which is more than any other place in this list. However due to the much larger population, this means that there are only 91.89 wins for every 100,000 residents in Swansea.

7 – Taunton: 91.41 wins per 100,000 residents

Taunton is a town in Somerset with a population of around 350,087. There have been 320 wins in total for postcodes beginning with TA. This means for every 100,000 of the population there are 91.41 wins making it the seventh luckiest place in the UK.

8 – Telford:  89.72 wins per 100,000 residents

Telford is the eighth luckiest place in the UK. There have been 212 wins in Telford, however with a smaller population of 236,282 it equates to 89.72 wins for every 100,000 people.

9 – Torquay: 86.82 wins per 100,000 residents

Torquay is another seaside town this time located in Devon. With a population of 299,472 and 260 wins from TQ postcodes this means for every 100,000 residents there have been 86.82 wins establishing Torquay as the ninth luckiest place in the UK.

10 – Hereford: 86.80 wins per 100,000 residents

 In tenth is Hereford a much smaller area with a population of only 179,733. Due to this smaller number of residents, the smaller number of only 156 winners from the postcode lottery still equals 86.80 wins for every 100,000 of the residents that live there.

A spokesperson from WDW Bingo commented: “The postcode lottery has declared over 43,000 winners since 2011, giving away millions of pounds to players around the country. Not only does it support players with great prises, but has a rich history of supporting charities, having given over £1 billion to various charities over the years.

Recent data suggests that around 70% of over-18s take part in the UK lotteries showing just how many people are hedging their bets that they might be the next lotto millionaires. Games such as these give many people the opportunity to make life-changing amounts of money, which now more than ever with the cost of living could be a huge help. Although the chances of winning are still low, if you live in these areas, you might be in with slightly better odds of winning big! But you won’t win the raffle if you don’t buy a ticket.”


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