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County Durham man fined for fly tipping household waste

A County Durham man has been ordered to pay £1,000 after being caught on CCTVdumping a mattress, car seat and wood at the side of a road.

Durham County Council took legal action against Jordan Bolton, from Ascot Place, Pelton, after one of its neighbourhood wardens found the flytip at High Urpeth, in May last year.

The area near Beamish, which has experienced flytipping over the years, has signs

warning people of the consequences of flytipping and CCTV cameras operating.

Whilst reviewing the CCTV footage, the warden observed two men exiting a recovery truck

before throwing the items from the back of the vehicle and onto the side of the road,

despite cars passing at the time.

Although both males were seen to be removing the waste, Bolton was the more active of

the two.

He was later identified by a warden with assistance from a Police Community Support

Officer (PCSO) from Durham Constabulary, while further checks showed his father to be

the insured driver of the vehicle.

In July last year, a letter was sent to Bolton and his father, requesting that they assist with

an investigation into the offence, which they failed to respond to. Twenty-six-year-old

Bolton also failed to attend an interview with the warden, resulting in his prosecution.

At Peterlee Magistrates Court, Bolton pleaded guilty to flytipping. In mitigation, his solicitor

said he was helping someone who his father had paid to dispose of the waste and

described his actions as thoughtless.

Magistrates fined him £320 and ordered him to pay costs of £647 and a £34 victim

surcharge, totalling £1,001.

Ian Hoult, the council’s neighbourhood protection manager, said: “Flytipping is a very

serious offence and something we know residents feel strongly about. That is why we are

determined to do everything we can to tackle it. It can cause environmental damage,

impacting on our stunning countryside, and can block access to roads and land.

“With so many ways to dispose of waste responsibly, this case was completely avoidable

and highlights the need to carry out checks on anyone who is paid to dispose of waste. We

hope it sends a clear message that we will take legal action against anyone involved in the

illegal dumping of waste.”

For more information about flytipping and how to report it, visit


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