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Conservatives select North East mayoral election candidate

Guy Renner-Thompson has been selected as the Conservative candidate for the election of a new North East Mayor next year.  

Guy, who is a Northumberland county councillor, was selected by Conservative members from across the North East today (Sunday, November 26).

He says his campaign to become mayor will focus on a series of pledges including the creation of a new Mayoral Development Corporation, a regional transport strategy and a small business grant scheme.

Guy said: “As someone from the North East, it is an honour to be selected as the Conservative candidate to try to become the first North East Mayor.

“This is a huge job and a huge opportunity for the whole region to grow and thrive and one I’m passionate about.

“I know this is an election we can win especially with a good set of ideas and ideals.

“The new Mayor will have all the right tools to be able to get the investment the region needs, but it’s about getting the right person in to pull these levers.

“If elected Mayor, I will deliver for all of the North East and be a champion for the area here, and across the world,” he added.

The election for the North East Mayor takes place on May 2, 2024.


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