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Blackhall roofing entrepreneur donates back to school packs to pupils story

Findley Roofing and Building are proud to have continued their Kool 4 Skool initiative in 2022. The company has provided local children with equipment including stationery and school uniform vouchers so that they are all set for the new school year. Kool 4 Skool was first created by Findley Roofing and Building’s Director, Grant Findley in 2018. The launch of the project stemmed from his desire to help local families who struggle to afford new school uniforms and equipment for their children when they go back to school after the summer holidays. Last Year, Grant and the team managed to provide 60 primary school pupils with back to school packs. However, they have worked tirelessly to ensure that 2022 was Kool 4 Skool’s biggest year yet. Fortunately, the roofing company’s efforts paid off and they are delighted that they were able to pull together an incredible 139 back to school packs. This means that they have helped more than twice as many children than they did in 2021! Each Kool 4 Skool pack contains essential school equipment, stationery items and a £30 voucher towards school uniforms from Little Gems.

With many families across the North East facing mounting worries relating to the rising cost of living this winter, projects like this are a more fundamental lifeline for parents and children than ever before. As a successful local businessman, Grant Findley has been determined to give back to the community through the initiative over the last few years. He says: "We're really pleased to help this year. We've broken a budget and tried to get the schools as much help as they have asked for, to help families heading into winter, coming back to school, so they've got all the kit they need and giving them some vouchers for uniform as well. it's been really well received and I'm happy that we've managed to do this and going forward we want to help more schools, we're really pleased to help and hopefully everyone can get behind this project and we make this bigger and bigger every year." Grant Findley. "The number of backpacks and vouchers we have received this year is double from what we received last year. It is going to have double the impact for families in a time when poverty is at its highest that I can recall in my lifetime. It's honestly going to make such a difference. Everybody thinks back to their own childhood and thinks about their first day of primary school or their first day back in a new school year. Just having a new bag or new things to wear, it just makes it such a more pleasurable experience. The children feel more confident, and that has a huge impact on their academic achievement whilst in school as well." Rachel Leonard, head teacher at blackhall primary. However, this is not Grant and Findley Roofing’s first major philanthropic project in 2022. Back in February Grant travelled to Thailand where he met poverty-stricken families, providing them with essential equipment and supplies to help with enhancing their quality of life. Grant’s contributions included new school uniforms for the children and gardening equipment so that the communities could grow their own vegetables. This year, the Kool 4 Skool packs were distributed to students at Blackhall primary School and Hesleden Primary School which are both based in the Hartlepool area. For more information on Findlay Roofing you can head to their website:


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